Custom Software Development

We build cross-platform applications that runs irrespective of the device, operating system or program from which it is been accessed

Booking Africa offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers' unique demands. Our skilled specialists know the game of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.?

Our Development Process

With a serious and regardful attitude towards your business, we start from the point of concept examination: our specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it. We offer two most common and effective development methodologies: waterfall and agile.

While with waterfall you decide all the requirements for your project at the very start and get exactly what you need for a set price at a set time, with agile you are in charge during the whole development process and are welcome to add/change requirements and assess the already implemented functionality on the go. Apart from development, Booking Africa offers deployment and further maintenance of the existing software.


Among Booking Africa's specialists there are only officially certified experts and talented developers with years of experience and technology + industry knowledge. Prioritizing competence over speed, they always deliver the product in budget and on schedule. Booking Africa's developers, over 50% of whom are Seniors and Leads present top-grade software with an architecture that guarantees a solid foundation for further expansion and maintenance, a great user interface and no performance issues.


We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions on the following technologies:


Software integration can sometimes appear a very lingering process, but we acknowledge its importance and are completely prepared for challenges. Booking Africa's experts ensure seamless integration of the software with your ERP, CRM, ECM or other business systems.
When it comes to designing or re-designing, and developing that colorful and enticing website that will keep you and your customers awe, Booking Africa Limited is clearly a company of choice.
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We design develop & manage well drafted database with high end optimization that is capable of promoting your business and making it stand out among others, Make your order now and give your business a meaningful difference.
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Be it in any class, size, or design, we are tremendous when it comes to design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software to make things within and around an organization cinch.
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At Booking Africa LTD, innovation is a watch word, coming up with great and exciting designs to fit the standard of your business is what we strive for.
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Take your business to the next level over night by marketing your product with us and see how fast your product can get to the door step of the right consumer.
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